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The Colourist – Yes Yes

April 6, 2013

I love discovering new music and I recently got an email about a band called The Colourist along with a link to their track ‘Yes Yes’. I played it once and headed straight over to Spotify… where they were nowhere to be found. That always irks me! But I’ll be keeping an eye out for them that’s for sure. Listen below and let me know what you think.


This single follows “Little Games”, their debut release which came out last month (you can listen over on the band’s website). It’s Indie, it’s cool and it is getting me in the mood for summer, that and the tiny dose of sunshine we were treated to today. The California band are playing at Coachella so I’m sure they will be further propelled to stardom after that.

the colourist

“We’d had the idea for “Yes Yes” since the band started,” explains drummer Maya Tuttle, “We knew a friend’s relationship was near the breaking point because of a third wheel that was trying to break the two up by throwing lies into the mix. While in the studio in LA, Adam came up with an upbeat idea for the base of the song–then the four of us hunkered down and completed it. It’s about not falling for the illusion that another person can fix all of your problems.”

An album is promised later this year. I reckon I’ll be buying it!

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