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Standing on the platform

January 15, 2013

Standing at the busy platform of a London tube station it’s so easy to identify the kind-hearted from the just-plain-rude. Tonight I was standing alongside a mother whose toddler was getting rather restless, awaiting a Northern Line train. As the train arrived, packed to burst, it was clear there wasn’t room for everyone, so I motioned for her to take the small space that was left. I was happy to wait just another minute or two seeing as I wasn’t in too much of a hurry.

She squeezed on and while, the train prepared to depart, a helpful gent ushered her further in as her backpack would have got caught in the closing door. Then, just as the closing-door warning sounded, a huge beast of a man ran right in front of me, shoved me aside and forced his way into the carriage. The poor woman and her child were now completely crushed from all angles and it made me think, what on earth is it that makes some people so glaringly inconsiderate?

We all get frustrated by public transport but attempts to save a mere minute or two of waiting should never come at the expense of common decency. Why not notice the other people around you, smile, and offer your seat or space to someone who needs it just a little bit more than you. It makes the journey a lot less stressful for all of us and it could even make someone’s day.


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