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Paddington, sometimes prettier than you’d think

April 14, 2013

I work in Paddington, near the top of Edgware Road and it’s a bit of a concrete jungle around there. There’s a big flyover, lots of ugly office buildings and a big hospital. But on the plus side we do have the canal which can occasionally provide a lovely scene – what with ducks, barges and sun-dappled water. Sunshine always helps of course, because when it’s grey in Paddington the concrete and sky blend into  monotony.

Through the winter it’s usually dark when I leave work, but if it’s also dry then the light-on-water is a prettier picture than the daytime gloom.

In the summer, green spaces become filled with people. They put out deckchairs near our office, burger stands pop up and there is music playing. That’s when it’s not so bad to work in Paddington. And at least I can easily hop on a bus or tube and be back in the centre of London with plenty of great bars, restaurants and shopping.

But sometimes… it’s not so pretty at all. Like when slimy green algae covers the canal…

Where do you work and what’s it like to be there? Busy, quiet, rundown, fancy?


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