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Music to my ears from Jamie Woon

Thanks to @bimal_tailor  for this great tune… great video too.


JAMIE WOON “LADY LUCK” from vincent haycock on Vimeo.


Small group of students cause a riot at fees demo

I’m not sure I see that university education is a right. We get a free education in this country up until we leave college, where upon we are considered adults. At that point we have the choice to go and earn money, or to delay earning money to pursue a higher education. Or as many people do, we can do both at the same time… it is possible to work 3-4 days a week and go to uni, but most people would rather party and have fun. Some of my other friends took one or two years out to save for university but the norm has become that on leaving college people take one or two years out to travel the world and instead of saving money they spend money while they work out what they want to do with their lives.

I’m not at all happy that there are going to be education cuts, but at the same time, if you work and invest in your future then you will be rewarded. When I went to uni the number that finished the course was about a quarter of the number that started it – of all the people I knew that dropped out, the reasoning was either that they didn’t like living away from home or that the course was too difficult or wasn’t quite what they thought it would be… it was very rarely about the money. University is a commitment. You shouldn’t enter into it lightly but only if you are confident that you will make the most of every penny you spend on it. People don’t care when it’s the government’s money they are spending, when it’s their own you would hope that everyone with a degree will put it to good use and easily earn back the extra money it has cost them.

Perhaps mine is an idealistic view, but I didn’t go to uni to have a laugh or because I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up, I went because I wanted to continue learning and get myself my dream job which I’m definitely on the road to getting now.

The evolution of geek… amazing


Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

2 weeks on Safari

Fab little documentary about London band Safari who have some awesome tunes, check them out…

Two Weeks On Safari from Spike Morris on Vimeo.

Tipp-Ex®, white and rewrite

New YouTube viral from Tippex encourages users to white and rewrite their own story.    ‘A hunter shoots a bear’, is available on

 French agency BUZZMAN created the viral.


A cycle

A Cycle from Tom Brown on Vimeo.

Check out this film created from photographs taken in Sydenham Woods, London. “Man-made objects fall into disrepair and decay while their natural environment renews itself and takes over, ready to be disturbed again.” The pics are really good.

The soundtrack is by Caves, of Bassy Bass Productions.

A strange scene

Another little poem from my teens…

The fire looked cold in the corner of the room,
The bird in its cage with a fiery plume,
The cage made of liquorice, soft and sweet
Set light to the carpet and soaked my feet.
There was no ceiling, just open air,
And up there an aardvark, eating a pear.
Suddenly the aardvark flew down like hell,
It gobbled up the bird and the liquorice as well.

The weather

Another poem I wrote when I was younger…

The sea is an endless blanket of blue with fluffy white clouds floating by,
The sun shines down onto the grass, an orange up high in the sky.
Suddenly the clouds turn dark and grey there’s a rumble up high and a flash,
The raindrops are arrows piercing the ground, hitting the sea with a splash.

The Silver Gate

A poem from my secondary school books…

Through the silver gate is a secret place, where there stands a little man, a smile on his face.
Beyond the grass is a carpet of green, the man waves his hands so he can be seen.
A light in the sky flies without sound, it hits the tiny man straight to the ground.
I run to see if the man is OK, but end up running away, the wrong way.
Out of the gate and down some steps, back to my bed, I lay down and slept.
My pillowcase now as soft as clouds, I dream of the silver gate for hours.

Inside the coffin

At school we had a course topic that was all based around horror in fiction and poetry and we had to come up with our own too. I stumbled across a couple of dark poems I wrote back then as a kid…

Inside the coffin

Darkness surrounds my tortured soul,
A soul full of pain and discomfort,
My arms bound together unable to free me
A cadaverous body entombed inside the coffin.
Irregular breaths escape my lips,
While my lungs heave in agony,
My aching eyes close with defeat,
Inside the coffin, awaiting my death.