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My time as an 11 year old continued…

May 14, 2010

The next installment of my time as an 11 year old… including the revellation that I loved Upside Down (the horrendously bad boyband)

 15 January, 1996: My weekend
On Friday night I went to my aunty and uncle’s house. The adults helped move John’s records into Donna and John’s new flat. On Saturday we watched a film called Lorenzo’s oil. It is very sad. My dad and Paul went fishing but they didn’t catch anything interesting. Abbie and Natalie made a monster out of a cardboard box. I got on to level three of Descent, Destination Saturn. I am going to look up Mars on Encarta to find out more about it.

  22 January, 1996: My weekend
On Saturday I went to a football match with my granddad. We went to Charlton’s ground. Charlton won against West Brom 4-1. At half time we had our lucky Mars Bars. On Sunday, my dad and Paul played on the computer for 2 hours. They did 200 laps on Indy Car Racing 2. Donna was looking for something to wear on her birthday in the catalogue. Dad and Paul went fishing again and this time dad caught a cod and a plaice.

  29 January, 1996: My weekend
We were going to go to Tunbridge Wells but because of the snow we went to the town instead. I bought a magazine. When I got home on Sunday we went to Jungle Tumble for Fay’s birthday party. I was allowed in, Fay’s birthday cake was of Humpty Dumpty and it tasted really nice. On Sunday night David brought his Playstation round and I had a go on some of the games.

  5 February, 1996: My weekend
On Saturday we went to town so Fay could spend her birthday money. She bought a Big Loader, Busy Buzzy Bumble Bees, a pad and a sword. I bought UpsideDown’s single. I really like it.  On Sunday I tidied up Abbie and Fay’s bedroom and then watched Driving Miss Daisy on channel 4. My dad found lots of fab stuff on the computer like songs and games. We were doing tests on our typing.


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