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I didn’t like Babylon Zoo when I was 11

May 14, 2010

My quote of February has to be “I am happy because Babylon Zoo are not number one anymore and Oasis are”.

12 February, 1996: My weekend
Mum and dad came down to Donna’s house to sort of her garage. There was mostly junk but dad got a gigantic torch type thing. On Sunday we had a big tidy up which was highly boring but we got the front room super tidy. I played Virtual Vegas and got £9000.

  26 February, 1996: My half term
On the first Friday night it was the school disco. Kayleigh came to my house afterwards and stayed. On Saturday I went shopping and bought a magazine. On Monday Donna (sister) went to Butlins and David dropped us off at my aunty’s house as Abbie was staying there. It was really quiet all week without Donna and Abbie. On Tuesday we had made a snowman, a hedgehog and a mouse. On Friday we went to Donna’s house and played Monopoly. Abbie was convinced she was going to win but she didn’t, I did. In the afternoon Fay had a party at McDonalds and we went back early and I had a McDouble burger meal. Dad borrowed two computer games from my aunty and one of them I really like but we are stuck on it. When Donna came back she had bought us a giant stick of rock each. On Sunday our water tank sort of thing broke and dad had to go and get a new one. I am really happy because Babylon Zoo are not number one anymore and Oasis are.

  4 March, 1996: My weekend
On Saturday I played on David’s MegaDrive and afterwards we went to Donna’s house. I played football with Lewis (we kick it up and down the hallway). We didn’t win anything on the lottery. On Sunday dad bought a computer magazine. I joined a Cyberclub. We played some demos. There is one called Touche and it is a French Musketeers game. It is really good.

  11 March, 1996: My weekend
On Sunday me and Abbie made a really cool Lego cafe and house. For dinner we had kebabs with rice and salad. I really enjoyed it. We watched an animal programme about a river that dries up in the summer. There were loads of crocodiles everywhere and they were eating all the little creatures. It was very sad.


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