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Half term and holidays in 1996

May 14, 2010

Who knew I was a Boyzone fan eh?

  18 March, 1996: My weekend
On Saturday me and Abbie went to the village to buy something for Mother’s Day. Afterwards me and Abbie went round to Sandown playing fields to atch some of the tournament. In the end they came 3rd. We didn’t win anything on the lottery this week and we were amazed that there were 57 jackpot winners. On Sunday morning mum got 8 cards and she got a washbag, lipstick, earrings and flowers. We watched the marathon and saw lots of people including Mr Bates.

  My half term
On the first Saturday dad took us to Eastbourne and I got a pair of pyjamas and dad got three computer games called Super Karts, Lost Eden and The Deadlaus Encounter. We haven’t stopped playing them. My mum’s cousin and aunty came down and Joyce gave us some money. For Easter I got three bars of chocolate and quite a few eggs. I got a new top for holiday in less than 4 weeks. We walked through the park and saw billions of squirrels, 4 rats and two white horses which we fed. Me, Abbie and Fay got something to plant in the garden. I got a Heidi Ann Fusha. When we went to Woolworths I bought the newest Boyzone single.

15 April, 1996: My weekend
On Friday after school Kayleigh came to my house and we did voice recording on the computer. We said or sung something and then reversed or changed the speed. On Saturday night I stayed at my aunty’s house. We watched The Burbs. Me and Abbie played football down by the garages and me and Donna designed our dream house.

  My holiday in Spain
On Saturday 11th May we were all packed and ready to go. On our way through France Chloe was sick in a garage. When we got to the campsite we were really disappointed because the pool was closed allday because they were cleaning it. Fay had a friend called Tom from Liverpool, Abbie had a friend called Michelle and one called Kirsty. I had a friend called Samantha. Me and Libby played pool at the bar nearly every night. On the third night we were burgled, so were three other tents. There was about £140 stolen from us so my aunty brought down some money for us. We played Cougars run with me, Samantha, Matthew, Andrew, Libby, Abbie, Michelle, Clifford, Rebecca and Jessica. We went to another campsite that has the biggest swimming pool in the Costa Brava. We went to Crazy Golf and Fay won with a little help from dad. On the Thursday before we left it was Abbie’s birthday. We had a barbie Q and she had her friends round. She got called up onto the stage and she got a free ice cream with three flavours. On the way home we got through Paris in half an hour.


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