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Christmas time, 1995

May 14, 2010

More of my news book from 1995… I’m starting to discover that I stayed at my aunty’s house a lot and played a lot of computer games.

 28 November, 1995: My fab weekend!
On Friday night I went to sleep at Donna’s house and LLoyd and Melinda were there and we had pizza, garlic bread and chinese chicken wings at 11pm. On Saturday it was Donna’s birthday. I had rehearsals and I saw PAUL NICHOLLS!! It was really good. I can’t wait for the rest of the rehearsals. On Sunday we were on the computer the whole day, it’s a really good computer. We have Encarta. It is an encyclopedia. There is a game on it called Mind Maze.

  Xmas, 1995: Over the Christmas holidays
On Christmas Eve my aunty and uncle came up for dinner. On Christmas Day we woke up really early and opened our stockings. At about 7 o’clock we were allowed to go downstairs. We opened all of our pressies. Some of the things I got were clothes, Nike trainers, paints, a small black shiny bag and smelly’s. My sister Abbie got a Gameboy, Fay got a drumkit, Donna got a vanity case, mum got a black jacket and dad got a game for the computer. At 11 o’clock we went to my nan’s house. At lunch time there were about 20 of us. In the evening Ann and Paul came down from Stroud near Rochester. We had loads of fun. Over Christmas I was in the Bexhill pantomime. It was Jack and the Beanstalk at the De La Warr. Some of the stars were Paul Nicholls, Tom Oliver, Gaynor Goodman, We Willie Harris and Craig Stokes. I have talked to all of them and even been in Tom’s dressing room. I really enjoyed doing the panto. My sister also went on stage at Jack and the Beanstalk on Boxing Day. My dad got two car racing games. One was Indy Car Racing 2 and the other one was Screamer. On New Years eve we went to my nan’s house for a party. There were loads of us. We played the dressing up game. It was really funny. At 12 o’clock we popped the party poppers and sand Auld Lang Syne and then we went and banged the pans in the street. We went to bed at 3.30am!

  8 January, 1996: My weekend
On Saturday we moved all of Donna and John’s furniture into their new flat. Afterwards we went to a computer shop and bought a game called 7th Guest. It is a game with a haunted house and you have to go in different rooms and solve puzzles. There are ghosts that give you clues. I’ve nearly broken mum’s score on the Music Quiz.


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