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15 years ago…

May 14, 2010

I’m moving house soon and so are my parents so that means a massive sort out is on the cards. I stumbled across some old school books of mine and, before I throw them away, I’m going to record some of the things I wrote in the books here on this blog. I think it’s really amusing to see the mundane things that as a kid seem so exciting.

  9 October, 1995: My weekend
At the weekend I went to my aunty’s house and I played on the computer the whole time. We won £10 on the lottery but mum only gets £1.20 because it is a syndicate. We borrowed 2 videos from Blockbusters on Saturday. We borrowed Addams Family Values and Star Gate. Yesterday Kayleigh came to my house and we went and played in the rain. We didn’t go Drag Racing on Saturday because it was raining. I phoned in for a competition and didn’t win. Kayleigh poked herself in the eye with a peg. What an idiot!

  16 October, 1995: My weekend
On Saturday I went to the town with my mum and bought a Man United bag, shin pads, a top, a tape and some other things. On Sunday I went to Pantomime suditions and I’ve got a small part. I’m doing 6 shows including Boxing Day and the second day. I’t got Paul Nicholls and Lou Carpenter from Neighbours. On Sunday night Donna, John, Gavin and Lewis came for dinner. Lewis can nearly stand up properly. I was playing with him the whole time, I fed him his dinner. I watched Keeping up Appearances last night in my room and Abbie couldn’t stop laughing.

  14 November, 1995: My weekend
On Saturday night I went to stay at my aunty Donna’s house. They bought a new video player. On Sunday it was mum and dad’s anniversary. The taps washer was broken and the plumber from across the road had to turn the water off at the mains. I had my panto rehearsals so we all know what actions we are doing to the song. on Saturday 2 December some people are coming in so we can do the song on the stage.

  21 November, 1995: My weekend
On Saturday morning Kayleigh came to my house and we watched The Lion King. We did some drawing and played Trivial Pursuit. After lunch we made little housey, tenty things and played a really good game. On Sunday I went to my pantomime rehearsals. On Saturday there are going to be the stars there.


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